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Xuan Dai Bay

Xuan Dai Bay is one of the most beautiful and natural beach bays in Viet nam and in the world. Situated on the Central Coast of Viet Nam , is famous for many  beaches, coconut trees and fresh seafood. XUAN DAI BAY  Located 50 km north of Tuy Hoa city, Xuan Dai Bay covers 13,000 hectares. It is flanked by 15 km Co Ngua mountain which, from afar, looks like a unicorn’s head. The 50 km-long Bay has many beautiful small beaches with a primitive beauty. The area includes mountains, islets and peninsulas such as Ong Xa islet, Da Mai mountain, and Mu U peninsula which together create a magnificent landscape. Tran Hung Vi, a resident of Phu Yen, says he is proud of this natural wonder: "It's nice to come here and discover a gift of nature. Take a boat around the bay. You can see with your own eyes the wild beauty of mountains and lagoons. Visitors to the bay can discover its hidden charm. Indeed, the bay has a larger expanse of water than Nha Trang Bay. Xuan Dai’s s