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Song Cau Town, Phu Yen province is located between the two cities of Quy Nhon (Binh Dinh province) and Tuy Hoa (Phu Yen province). Perhaps being located in the "lowland" between Cu Mong pass and Ca pass, Song Cau is one of the most peaceful, poetic and well-off young-towns.

Being famous for its fresh seafood, this area is also known as the "capital" of the Central region’s coconut-land. Coconuts have been here for a long time; when coming to Song Cau town, looking down from the top of Gang steep, a high-step located on the National Highway 1, the whole town is hidden in a green coconut-forest stretching from the mountain-foot to the coast.

There is a special thing that Song Cau’s coconut is extremely delicious for the sweet water and thick flesh. Coming to Song Cau town, visitors can leisurely sit on the couches under green-coconut trees, sipping pure-coconut water, it’s certain that tourists will be satisfied with Song Cau coconut’s cool sweet taste. If visitors prefer sightseeing, they can walk under the shade of the coconut-forest to visit the peaceful villages, watch coconut-trees silhouetted inside Xuan Dai Bay, Cu Mong lagoon and the bays of La, Lam, Chao ... , the islands of Ban Than, Nhat Tu Son, Ong Xa islet ...

Beside coconut-water and coconut-flesh, other parts of Song Cau coconuts are also used with coconut-husk being used to make handicrafts, coconut-fiber used for processing utensils or scrap, coconut-leaves for roofing, fuel, coconut trunk for building up house or civil-works ... Therefore, when arriving in Song Cau town, in addition to coconut’s beauty, visitors can easily enjoy the definite and beautiful houses made of coconut.

Overall, the entire Song Cau town is covered with a cool green: blue sea, green coconut-forest, green mountains and blue sky. 

A good destination for us to visit!


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